Mexican Tradition
Our customers say Tony’s Tacos is the real-deal in authentic Mexican food. That isn’t a
surprise. After all, I grew up in Mexico, learning the recipes and the traditions right at my
mother’s side. A true entrepreneur, Mom took care in preparing the food she’d sell each day.
And as the youngest of six children, I was the little one who was by her side, helping her in the
kitchen and with customers. We’d sell quesadillas, pozole, tamales, tostadas, flautas, tortas,
and more.

After many years working as a professional in the food industry, now in Central Illinois, my wife
Norma and I decided to open our own family restaurant. We knew one thing: We wanted to offer
authentic Mexican food just like back in Mexico City: And besides some of my mother’s
specialities we’d include other Mexican favorites like suadero, picadillo, pambazos, quesadillas,
huaraches, tacos, and homemade salsas--just to name a few.

We searched for the perfect taqueria-style location, and in April 2016, the first Tony’s Tacos
opened its doors, at 304 N. Main Street, Normal. Soon after, in 2018, my brother-in-law Jerry De
Paz and I opened our second location -- this time in Bloomington, 2303 E Washington. This spot features the same fresh, authentic menu in a casual dining setting, complete
with a full bar. Both sites offer dine-in or to-go options.

Fresh Ingredients Are Key
We strive to provide our guests with a quality dining experience. At the heart of our success, is
knowing that freshness make all the difference. Our vendors deliver ingredients to both
locations nearly every day. That way, we can prepare Tony’s Tacos delicious recipes with only
the freshest vegetables and meats.

One of my favorite parts about our family business is every dish is made-to-order. That allows
us to share the passion for cooking that’s characteristic of our Mexican family. In our
restaurants, we prepare our food with the same care we use serving food in our home.  Every
single member of Tony’s Tacos, including myself, makes sure our dear customers receive food
that is hot and delicious, as well as fast and affordable. From our family to yours, we want to
thank you for your support!

It is our pleasure to serve you every day!
Es un placer atenderle todos los dias!

-- Jesus Ortiz, Tony’s Tacos owner and founder

Tony’s Taco’s Trivia
So, why is it called Tony’s Tacos, anyway? Our oldest son is named Antonio. In fact, several of
our family members are named Antonio. So it seemed a fitting choice, and, Tony’s Tacos has a
good ring to it, don’t you think? Now 9 years old, Antonio wanted to share a little trivia with you:
My Dad went to Mexico City, and studied for a week how to make ice cream. When he came
home instead of opening an ice cream shop, we opened Tony’s Tacos. If he had decided to
open an ice cream shop, we wouldn’t have the place we call Tony’s Tacos today!